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Visionet’s PartnerLink is a highly scalable, reliable and configurable EDI and B2B interchange solution that integrates natively with Mictrosoft dynamics 365 for finance and operations and supports integration with any other ERP system

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Easy Deployment

PartnerLink is designed for rapid implementation. Its scalability and flexibility makes it a perfect data interchange solution for any organization. Capable of processing thousands of transactions per hour, PartnerLink can transmit data between large enterprises, and its support for both VAN-based and direct-to-partner connections allows it to interface easily with existing EDI investments.

With support for either cloud-based or on-premises deployment, PartnerLink gives businesses the freedom to choose their preferred method of implementation. While most organizations prefer the “access anywhere” convenience and low ownership cost of cloud deployment on Microsoft Azure, others require on-premises deployment for reasons such as enhanced security compliance. PartnerLink is a perfect choice in both scenarios.

Easy Deployment
Centralized Management

Centralized Management

PartnerLink users can easily monitor EDI performance at a glance using the platform’s centralized management console. The console’s intuitive design helps users quickly identify transaction errors and their causes, and displays statistics on the progress of various inbound and outbound transaction sets. PartnerLink also generates alerts whenever specific events occur, which helps users address errors as soon as they emerge.

Easy Partner Onboarding

With its EDI-optimized business rule engine and extensive preconfigured business rule library, PartnerLink greatly improves the partner onboarding process. Instead of defining each partner’s business rules from scratch, users can select existing sets of rules from the rule library and quickly customize them if needed. Rule validation can be configured at the partner, document, segment, or field level, giving users fine-grained control. Once configured, this validation logic can be saved to be reused whenever convenient with other partners and documents without resorting to hardcoding or code duplication.

PartnerLink supports communication with partners that already have EDI systems, as well as direct B2B transfers to and from non-EDI organizations. Its support for a wide range of EDI formats and other common data interchange standards like XML and JSON ensures reliable and secure communication with any partner organization. All major transport protocols are also supported, including AS2, EDIFACT, FTP, SMTP, and X12, as well as custom formats.

Easy Partner Onboarding
Job Scheduling and Reporting

Job Scheduling and Reporting

Users can process much higher transaction volumes with PartnerLink’s job scheduler and batch job capabilities. The job scheduler allows organizations to send data at a specific time of day without direct user involvement, and batch jobs enable multiple transactions to be processed at once. These features let users configure daily or weekly bulk transfers, ensuring that they never forget to send business-critical data to trading partners.

PartnerLink comes with pre-configured reports that give users quick access to details about key EDI metrics. In addition to these out-of-the-box reports, advanced support for generating ad-hoc reports lets users quickly combine any set of measures and dimensions to produce custom reports about nearly any aspect of EDI operations.

ERP Integration

Integrated EDI solutions for ERP facilitate efficient transaction processing and ease of use. Visionet has designed PartnerLink to integrate natively with Microsoft Dynamics 365, and also provides robust support for EDI integration with any other ERP system. PartnerLink operates as an independent subsystem that remains decoupled from your ERP deployment, ensuring that each platform can be updated and reconfigured independently, without requiring modifications to the other.

PartnerLink’s graphical data mapper conveniently converts data between ERP and EDI formats and automatically connects child elements where suitable. Data fields are displayed in an easy-to-use visual format, allowing users to create drag-and-drop connections between source and target fields. With the help of search functionality, users can easily find elements in large data mappings.

PartnerLink also provides support for integration with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and many others. Built-in support allows companies to shift seamlessly between EDI ERP and API-based integrations.

EDI ERP Integration
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Scalability requirements for high-transaction retail environments are occasional, with a 10x peak load. With an elastic design and architecture based on Azure Cloud, PartnerLink seamlessly handles large, unexpected spikes in volume.

Configurable Business-rule Engine and Error Correction

Complicated EDI interfaces and procedures result in errors and require expensive, time-consuming user training. To address these challenges, PartnerLink was designed with usability in mind. Its range of tools makes it easy to configure and manage business rules for each partner and document type, correct any transaction errors that might arise, and schedule batch jobs. Using the extensive set of reporting tools included with PartnerLink, users can achieve a complete overview of rule compliance and transaction status, and generate custom reports on EDI-related dimensions and measures.

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